Kitchen Pegboard Organizing Wall


Get Organized in Your Kitchen

Need extra space in your kitchen? Go vertical!

Install a pegboard in your kitchen to get some things off of your counter and keep them at your fingertips. Or, use it as an option for an awkward space in your kitchen…which is what I did. (I had this little niche of dead-space that was super unusual, so this is what I went with for now.) It’s a practical, affordable option to save room OR to fill an odd area.

An Interesting Fact About Pegboard in the Kitchen

And here’s something I learned along the journey to install pegboard in my kitchen: It was something Julia Child’s did many moons ago to organize her very own kitchen. If it was good enough for her, it is certainly good enough for you and me! (You’ll see a pic of Julia’s kitchen towards the end of this post for proof.)

Because a few of my Instagram friends had asked about how this was done, I’ve added a quick tutorial below. (If you don’t follow us on IG, here’s your invitation! The decor world on IG is just about as welcoming and kind as it gets! Find us HERE!)

And, for those of you interested in a more modern look, you can even find stainless steel pegboard, as well as a wooden magnetic kit that functions as a pegboard! There are some really great products just waiting for you!

Now, on with the steps it takes to install pegboard in your kitchen:


Kitchen Pegboard Installation

  1. Measure the length and width of area you want to cover with pegboard.
  2. Purchase your pegboard and have it cut to size at your home improvement store.
  3. Purchase furring strips to create a frame where you will hang your pegboard. You’ll want the frame to fit directly under your pegboard…and some strips will go horizontally.
  4. Paint your pegboard and furring strips the desired color.
  5. Install your frame. (For a visual on this, and nitty-gritty details, I recommend you go HERE.)
  6. Install your pegboard on top of the frame.
  7. Add your hardware (which you’ll have to purchase separately) and add your items to your board.

Hardware Options

The options are truly unlimited when it comes to how you configure your pegboard and the ways in which you can arrange it. There is a wide array of hardware available to help you get as creative as you wish with it.

You’ll definitely want to start with a set of assorted hooks. The set below is exactly the set I started with and it comes with a little bit of everything! You can find it HERE or by clicking the image below:


You don’t have to stop there, as many other options can be added, depending upon how you want to use your pegboard. I added baskets for fruit. You can buy specific baskets that are made for pegboard, or simply buy any kind of wire basket you like and attach with your own hardware. Below are some baskets we like, but truly, you can just keep it simple like we did (because that’s what was available in our small town).

You can even get shelves for your pegboard:


The starter set of hooks (above) comes with two shelf hooks. Be sure to get more, if you plan on using several shelves.

Don’t forget to “green your space”, either, with some cool air-plants! I think even I could grow these throughout the dark winter months, as these require little sunlight (perfect, since that’s exactly what we get here)!

Honestly, you’re only limited by your own imagination when it comes to designing your pegboard! Have fun with it.


I even added a fun, vintage basket towards the bottom of my pegboard for our rescue pooch, Trooper, who graces my Instagram feed from time to time. The basket holds his treats…and we’ll keep them there as long as he doesn’t start to help himself. So far, so good.



Seriously, pegboard in the kitchen is so handy, you may decide to apply it elsewhere…imagine a small section of it just for Fido’s treats, leash, collar, grooming supplies, etc., in a small nook elsewhere in the house or mudroom.

Julia Child’s Pegboard Kitchen

And, as promised, take a gander at Julia Child’s pegboard kitchen. Apparently, she used pegboard in every kitchen she had. {Google it to see.} Here’s one example:

julia childs kitchen

I love this! Long before Pinterest or Instagram, Julia just what she liked and made her happy, not worrying about the kitchen next door or 10,000 miles away from her. She “did her” before it was even a saying. And…and…look at those mismatched dining chairs…she was a visionary. PS…She didn’t have a hood range in this kitchen, either! 😉 And, still, she cooked and baked and was loved by millions. So much so, that her kitchen is in the Smithsonian.

What About You?

Do you have a quirky, odd or awkward space in your kitchen or house? How did you use the space? And how do you with avoiding the “comparison trap” that permeates our digital culture? Incredibly well, I hope…incredibly well!

Until next time,

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