A Thrifted Autumn


a thrifted autumn

With the cooler weather setting in, we tend to “nest” a bit more than we do in the warmer months. This slowing down and taking stock of life and all things cozy has us feathering our nest with the hues of autumn and maybe even some heaping piles of warm throws.


Thrifted items in this picture: pumpkin, blankets (from the top) number 2, 3 and 6…and the basket!

If you find yourself scrolling through catalogs (ahem, Instagram) wistfully perusing the perfectly appointed homes and gardens, but lack the budget to pull it all together…stop it! No matter your budget, you can create a seasonal look by adding in pieces from thrift stores, estate sales and resale shops.

See below to see just a fraction of my thrifted, found and repurposed items that adorn my home this fall:

thrifted autumn infographic

You’ll end up with a look that’s completely unique, with your own signature. The beauty of thrifted or estate sale items is that you’ll be able to reflect your own unique style with the personal spin that only you can impart.

Scroll down to see all the thrifted goodness from each of the images above!


Thrifted items include the cake stand, the ironstone soup tureen, the vintage plates, the cloche and mini-pumpkin, the Happy Harvest sign and the little crock holding the tin pumpkin. The chest of drawers were left by the owners of our previous home. The clock and wall saying were both discounted items, bought years apart from each other.


Thrifted items include the throw (it’s one of my faves), the small white bowl that holds the plant, the gathering basket (see a close-up in the next image) in the background with the birch logs (which came from my own yard). The buffalo check pillow was a $3 special at a Big Box store last year. I wish I had grabbed more, because you really can’t beat the price. I just purchased some buffalo checked pillow covers online that are a close match…and actually higher quality.

Autumn Fireplace

A thrifted, vintage gathering basket sits fireside, always at the ready…since we can have snow for 8 months out of the year! If there are no birch trees in sight where you live, you can find some pretty logs like these RIGHT HERE and have them delivered to your doorstep.


Thrifted items include: The vintage child’s rocking chair, the throw, the harvest wheat and feather bundle. The ceramic pumpkin candle holder is from a surplus store. Has anyone ever heard of that before?


Thrifted items inlcude: The dishes and bowl, the basket up front and in the back, the silverware and the napkins. Hint: I’m a fan of Pellegrino and all things soda water. Are you?


Thrifted items: The pumpkins, the vintage tray (it is O.L.D. It’s made by Thermos) and the white crock holding the plant.

These are just a few of the thrifted, found and repurposed treasures around my home this fall.

Do you decorate on a thrifty budget and take delight in finding treasures that are one of a kind, too? What’s your most amazing, recent find?

I’d love to hear about it below!

More Inspiration

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Stay thrifty my friends,

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Wendy Young is a mom of 3 who loves the farmhouse/eclectic/vintage/shabby vibe and maintains this site for fun. By day, she is a child, adolescent and family therapist, is the founder of Kidlutions: Solutions for Kids, creator of The Joyful Parent and the co-author of BLOOM: 50 Things to Say, Think and Do with Anxious, Angry and Over-the-Top Kids, along with multiple workbooks for kids. Her total readership is in the millions via her online and social media venues.

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