Farmhouse Pillow Transformation


Farmhouse Pillow Transformation

Want a farmhouse look for your pillows, but don’t want to spend top dollar or have to build an extra storage cabinet just to stash your pre-existing pillows away? Pillow hoarders, raise your hands high!

The answer just might come in the form of pillow covers…which can transform drab, lackluster pillows (like the standard-issue, low-fill style that came with my couch…pictured below). These rumpled, frumpy excuses for pillows are about to get a second lease on life. I quite like that idea…for people and for pillows!


From Shame to Shining Star

Gone will be the days when these pillows hang their heads in shame…trying to blend with the couch and recede into obscurity. They’re about to become shining stars and take their righteous place as part of the living room decor.



Doesn’t that make a difference? I love a good transformation…and this one was quick and simple…as in a matter of minutes…and economical…annnnnnnnnnd…space-saving. Check, check and check!

Check Out the Buffalo Check

And it gets even better, because the lovely buffalo check…that’s been a hot trend in the farmhouse style for the last couple of years is also available in a pillow cover. And the quality in these pillow covers is amazing!

Aren’t those cute? Crisp and clean and they just POP! Plus, they come in a variety of colors!

Up Your Texture Game

Do you ever notice that the pictures that really draw you in on Instagram typically have texture galore? Texture really makes things stand out, adds extra excitement and a bit of a dramatic flair. The eye is drawn to it.

The beauty of the pillow below is that it’s also an old pillow of mine, updated by a pillow cover. These beauties came in a set, as did the buffalo checked ones above.


Seasonal Pillows? Yes, Please!

To the average person, seasonal pillows may be out of the question because of the short use you get out of them, and the need to store them all through the year…only to be able to use them for a month or so. I know that’s not enough to deter true lovers of decorative pillows…but even they dig the idea of removing one cover, adding another…and storing the just-used one neatly in a drawer…at a space-savings. That makes it much more practical.

The pumpkin spice pillow below will be used in my home from the beginning of Halloween season (starting in the latter part of September) clear through turkey time!
4Are you a lover of pillows, too? If so, have you already discovered the benefits of using pillow covers, or do you not mind having to find space for stacks and stacks of pillows?

We’d love to know!

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Wendy Young is a mom of 3 who loves the farmhouse/eclectic/vintage/shabby vibe and maintains this site for fun. By day, she is a child, adolescent and family therapist, is the founder of Kidlutions: Solutions for Kids, creator of The Joyful Parent and the co-author of BLOOM: 50 Things to Say, Think and Do with Anxious, Angry and Over-the-Top Kids, along with multiple workbooks for kids. Her total readership is in the millions via her online and social media venues.

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