Thanksgiving Chalkboard


Thanksgiving Chalkboard

When you want a festive chalkboard for Thanksgiving, but you are fresh out of ideas, you head to Instagram for inspiration…where ideas abound! Such was the case for this chalkboard, which I set out to recreate after seeing it grace the feed of @brambleknollfarm. Donna’s husband is an artist and he gets full credit for this cute design. I just recreated one of my own by looking at his. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, right?

Foolproof Design

Not all of us are artists (I am not), but we can take our best shot at getting our ideas down on the chalkboard. I’ve had people tell me, “I can’t letter like that” or “things get all smudged” or “I can’t do proportions correctly…it all looks wonky”…to which I say “poppycock”!

The beauty of working on chalkboards is that they are so forgiving. You mess up…you erase…you try again. It can’t get easier than that! Plus, the more we practice things, the better we get at them.

Tricks of the Trade

So, if you’ve been chomping at the bit to create your own piece of chalkboard art, I say “Go for it!”

The “chalkboard” above is an old picture I thrifted with the intent of painting the canvas in black chalkboard paint, to create my first chalkboard ever. The frame was a dark, dark walnut color and I painted that white to make the chalkboard pop!

In painting my chalkboard, I found it helpful to use sponge applicators, such as the ones below. They helped eliminate streaks from the paint:

And if you want to cover a large area on a wall, but don’t want to commit to paint, there are alternatives, such as this peel and stick chalkboard paper:


chalkboard image

Image courtesy of Zhidian, the manufacturer of the product pictured above. Click image to learn more about this product.

More Thanksgiving Decor

If you are looking for more Thanksgiving decor ideas around the house…check out our post below:


Find it all HERE!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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