Travel: Boyne Valley Vineyards


Michigan Travel: Boyne Valley Vineyards

For the first time ever, Mr. Farmhouse and I took the entire crew (our three young adult kids, and their significant others) on a mini ski-trip as our Christmas gift to them. We stayed in an awesome Air BnB in Boyne City and the kids skied at Boyne Mountain. During one of our days in Boyne, Mr. Farmhouse found a sweet, new winery for us to explore while the kids went skiing.

Boyne Valley Vineyards, located on US-131 in Boyne Falls, Michigan, was by FAR one of my favorite wine tasting experiences ever. It was so fun and unique. And it has romance written all over it.


Walking in, you immediately relax…and if you don’t, the signage will remind you to do so. Seriously, this winery has so many elements that make r~e~l~a~x~a~t~i~o~n easy! The winery just feels like “home”. With a farmhouse vibe, a resident canine and an indoor fire pit that will soon vent to the outside, along with glass garage doors that open to the great outdoors, outdoor igloos and snowshoeing…the owners thought of everything.


When we walked in, we were greeted by Darby, the resident canine at Boyne Valley Vineyards. He is 7-years-old and just the sweetest thing. If you’ve followed us on Instagram, you know we lost our sweet Golden about 8 months ago, so Darby was just precious to us!

Outdoor Igloos 

Here’s something you don’t see at most wineries (at least I never have)! Boyne Valley Vineyards has outdoor igloos, which allow you to be out in the elements, yet protected from them at the same time. Plus, they are heated! SCORE! (A real plus in the northern, Michigan clime!)


The igloos have space heaters, and they seat parties of six-eight, but while Mr. Farmhouse and I were there, we were able to enjoy an igloo all to ourselves. Romantic, right? Right!

After a little investigation, I learned that one of the igloos is first come, first served, while the other may be rented out by the hour.

A Look Inside the Igloo and Our Favorite Wine


Little known fact, the Mister and I got engaged in California…over the San Diego Bay, on a dinner cruise, after a lovely day at the California wineries in Carlsbad, California. So, wineries always take me back to that day and seem just a bit more magical to me than they probably do to the average person. I guarantee you, though, there was not an igloo to be found while sampling wines in northern California!


The igloos were equipped with all the comforts of home: a round coffee table, comfy chairs, a cozy rug, throws galore, soft pillows and a space heater to make sure your toes stayed as warm as your heart! Check out that buffalo plaid throw. I have one just like it at home!


Boyne Valley Vineyards had several lovely wines, but the Foxhill Red won our hearts and both the Mister and I got a glass of that to enjoy in our own igloo. The wine glasses were lovely, too. Have you see the more modern style of wine glasses? Maybe you already own some of your own?

More on Darby the Dog


Darby even joined us in our igloo for a while. We asked the owner if she was allowed inside and we were assured that if we were okay with it, Darby would be happy to make an appearance. This made me happy beyond words. The Mister didn’t complain about it one bit, either, for the record.

Little did we know at this time, we’d soon be having another Golden back in our household. I’ll save that story for another time!

More Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

boyne valley snowshoe

Image from Boyne Valley Vineyards Instagram account.

BONUS: If you hit the winery when the weather conditions are prime, you can check out a pair of snowshoes and enjoy the great outdoors even more! How cool is that?

A Beautiful Sunset to End the Day


After enjoying our glass of wine, and hanging out for a long chat in our little piece of winter paradise (inside the igloo), we needed to head back to meet up with the kids.

On our way back to our rental place, we spied a beautiful sunset over the lake. Can’t beat that for a lovely date night! We went to a great dinner afterwards. It’s so much fun to be a tourist in your own state. Have you done the same? If so, what was one of your favorite haunts?

May you find joy in the smallest of spaces,

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Wendy Young is a mom of 3 who loves the farmhouse/eclectic/vintage/shabby vibe and maintains this site for fun. By day, she is a child, adolescent and family therapist, is the founder of Kidlutions: Solutions for Kids, creator of The Joyful Parent and the co-author of BLOOM: 50 Things to Say, Think and Do with Anxious, Angry and Over-the-Top Kids, along with multiple workbooks for kids. Her total readership is in the millions via her online and social media venues.

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